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The Big Scuba Podcast – Episode 67: Have you got your dive checklist ready?

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The Big Scuba

Ian and Gemma chat among themselves and are also are joined by Rosemary Lunn who answers some scuba diving questions and brings us some interesting news items.

Sea to Sky

A new member of the team is Rosemary Lunn and answers some scuba diving questions.

Roz brings us news about a campaign being launched by the Rebreather Training Council   https://rebreathertrainingcouncil.org/  Its encouraging all rebreather divers to use a checklist every time they ht the water.  A checklist is probably the cheapest piece of life support equipment a technical diver will own, but it will look after you, dive after dive.  We talk about how a recreational diver can prepare a similar checklist too.

Liquid Diving

AP diving is a UK based company https://www.apdiving.com/en/ and has recently developed and manufactured a new rebreather strap.

We talk about physical dive fitness and the mental fitness too.  Roz is involved in https://www.facebook.com/groups/timetosurface.  It’s a Facebook group that is a safe space for exploring ideas above and below the surface.  There will be some free workshops so do take some time to register to take part. 

We have a new partner called Hapi Bottles.  They supply  sleek, durable and eco-friendly travel mugs fit for everybody including children.  Hapi Bottles have been designed to create an iconic, stylish look whilst simultaneously reducing the price that the Earth has to pay. They maintain the temperature of hot drinks for up to 12 hours and cold drinks for up to 24 hours.  BPA-Free plastic and inner and outer walls made with 304 stainless steel to maximize durability.  Presented in a luxurious, fully recyclable, cardboard cylinder packaging and premium tissue paper, a HAPI travel mug is an ideal gift choice for family and friends.   We can offer a 20% discount to you!

Learn more at: https://hapibottles.com/discount/BIGSCUBA?rfsn=5592580.d75f5b

We have a new link up with a clothing company called  Dark Tyde.  https://darktyde.com/

Their mission is to make affordable, sustainable divewear. All the diving T-shirts and hoodies are:

  • Ocean-friendly, made with certified 100% organic cotton.
  • Made with entirely renewable energy and eco-friendly inks.
  • Delivered in zero-plastic packaging (with free, no-quibble returns)

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The BiG Scuba Podcast, a new UK based podcast. We discuss everything to do with diving and the ocean and hope to promote scuba diving to more people including women.

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