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Prince and Princess of Wales Dive With Earthshot Prize Winner in The Bahamas: A Dive into Coral Conservation

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In a memorable event back in 2022, the Prince and Princess graced The Bahamas with their presence, engaging in a unique and significant experience alongside Earthshot Prize winner Coral Vita. The royal couple immersed themselves in the pristine beauty of the ocean’s reefs, actively participating in the restoration process by planting new coral.

Coral Vita, recognized for their remarkable contributions to revitalizing our oceans, employs an innovative approach to breathe new life into deteriorating coral reefs. Their method involves cultivating corals on land before transplanting them into the ocean, a technique that accelerates coral growth by up to 50 times compared to traditional methods. Given the crucial role that coral plays in sustaining a healthy ocean ecosystem, Coral Vita’s efforts are pivotal in addressing the ongoing environmental challenges.

As proud recipients of the Earthshot Prize, Coral Vita received a substantial £1 million to amplify their solution. This financial support empowers them to scale their operations, ultimately contributing to the overarching goal of protecting and restoring our planet by 2030. The royal visit not only highlighted the urgency of environmental conservation but also underscored the significance of collaborative efforts in achieving a sustainable and thriving future for our global ecosystem.


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