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Scuba Features
0 University of Manitoba’s Underwater Seminar

Feb. 28, 2018 is a date to remember in dive history. At the Joyce Fromson Pool, at the University of Manitoba, the first ever underwater seminar was held. Professor Popsicle, aka Gordon Giesbrecht, Management Professor of Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation spearheaded this presentation.

Scuba Features
0 Diving Sunken Cities in the Great Lakes

For centuries, the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes have shaped the story of Canada. The Descending team  of Scott Wilson and Andre Dupuis takes a trip through history and visits the world’s best collection of freshwater shipwrecks to discover what makes this water so great.

Scuba Features
0 A love for all things nautical

Local artist Tiana Pitman is a huge lover of her local community and coastal environment and is always keen to convey that in her craft. Working mainly with paint, sculpture and through various other mixed media both locally and internationally, Tiana has sold prints and originals as far as Mexico and America. She is a firm believer in exploring her roots and keeping childhood traditions of beach combing, re using and recycling found materials and investigating the art of thrift alive.

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