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Greatness Should Be Rewarded

Are you ready to celebrate greatness in the world of scuba diving? Look no further than The Scubies – the ultimate recognition for outstanding contributions to the diving community.

What Are The Scubies?

The Scubies are prestigious awards designed to honor excellence in various aspects of scuba diving. From Dive Centers to Liveaboard vessels, Dive Manufacturers to Diving Instructors, and even exceptional Dive Buddies, The Scubies celebrate those who elevate the diving experience to new heights.

How Can You Participate?

Nominating a deserving candidate for a Scubie Award is simple. Just complete our short nomination form, sharing why your nominee deserves recognition. Whether it’s exceptional service, innovative products, outstanding teaching, or unwavering support, we want to hear about the individuals and organizations that have made a positive impact on your diving adventures.

Why Nominate?

By nominating someone for a Scubie Award, you’re not just celebrating their achievements – you’re shining a spotlight on excellence within the diving community. Your nomination could inspire others and help promote a culture of recognition and appreciation for those who make diving truly remarkable.

Join Us in Celebrating Greatness

Join us in recognizing the best of the best in the world of scuba diving. Help us celebrate the passion, dedication, and innovation that drive our sport forward. Submit your nominations for The Scubies today and let’s honor those who make diving an unforgettable experience.

Submit Your Nominations Now

Ready to nominate someone for a Scubie Award? Complete the form and share your story. Together, let’s celebrate greatness in scuba diving with The Scubies.

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