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Books: Victory in the St. Lawrence – The Unknown U-Boat War

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Many books on scuba diving have been published over the course of time, almost since the beginning of the scuba era. The Scuba News Canada will post these “nostalgia” books considered a “blast from the past” on a regular basis, and we want you, our readers, to make suggestions of “older nostalgia diving books” you have enjoyed, or believe our readers will. We will publish it and add your social media/website link to the article if you send us the proposal. Contact us.

Although not a scuba diving book, per se, this is certainly a piece of Canadian history during World War II. Victory in the St Lawrence was published in 2004.

Sea to Sky

The riveting true story of how shortsighted government objectives and advanced German submarine technology enabled the Nazis to stalk shipping in Allied home waters is told in Victory in the St. Lawrence. Despite the fact that much of the Second World War has been well known, accounts of chilling incidents that might have changed the course of history continue to emerge even now, half a century later. Victory on the St. Lawrence demonstrates how brave, self-reliant heroes protected North America deep within its defences.

We in North America think of the Second World War as a distant conflict (except for the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor). Few people are aware that German U-boats plied the St. Lawrence River largely unchallenged, destroying unwary Canadian military and Allied merchant vessels in an effort to halt the flow of merchandise, soldiers, and armaments to war-torn Britain. Fewer still are aware that, prior to the war, Hitler attempted to buy Anticosti Island, which is situated at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River, from a wealthy French chocolate bar maker.

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