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Snorkelling/Scuba Diving an Underwater Forest

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Snorkelling/scuba diving in a forest, you say?

At Olha d’Agua’s wildlife park in the state of Paraba in Brazil’s Northeast Region, you can not only snorkel but also scuba dive once every seven years. Every seven years, the Olho D’gua river in the Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata park floods, submerging the local hiking trails. Divers and snorkelers have found this to be a popular spot.

Sea to Sky

This area can receive up to 150 cm of rain in a single downpour. Rainwater overflows two rivers, da Prata and Olho D’Agua, flooding the forest and submerging plant life, bridges, and a footpath. Unlike other flooded rivers, which become muddy, this “underwater forest” remains clean and clear. Since it passes through limestone karst, the water is exceptionally clear. Visitors are clearly advised not to kick up sediment when diving through the reserve because it is so concerned with its sustainability.

The wildlife park in Olha d’Agua has become a popular destination for scuba and snorkelling enthusiasts.

Liquid Diving

YouTube….filmed in Febuary 2018



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