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Special Liveaboard Deals this Week: Scuba Adventures Await You!

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Are you ready to dive into the depths of the world’s most captivating underwater paradises? The Scuba News has scoured the internet for the best liveaboard travel deals this week, and we’ve got an array of thrilling adventures to tempt your inner explorer. Whether you dream of encountering vibrant coral reefs, exotic marine life, or underwater caves, we’ve got you covered. From Indonesia to Egypt, and the Maldives to Djibouti, here are the hottest liveaboard deals on offer.

Indonesia: Dive into the Heart of the Coral Triangle

Aurora – 20 Apr 2024 – from €4,430.00 – Raja Ampat – Halmahera – Lembeh (Sorong – Bitung) – (20% OFF)

Indonesia, the epicenter of marine biodiversity, is a diver’s paradise. Raja Ampat is famed for its jaw-dropping coral gardens, Halmahera boasts diverse marine life, and Lembeh’s muck diving is a photographer’s delight. Aurora’s 20% discount brings you closer to these underwater wonders.

Damai II – 04 Jun 2024 – from €3,578.00 – Alor (Kupang – Kupang) – Explorations Specials! Valid for new bookings. (20% OFF)

Alor’s untouched reefs and vibrant schools of fish await on Damai II. The Explorations Special offers the chance to discover this lesser-known gem with a 20% discount.

Ecopro Duyung Baru – 06 Aug 2024 – from €1,757.00 – Komodo (Labuan Fajo – Labuan Fajo) – Early Bird Special! (25% OFF)

Komodo’s fierce currents and incredible biodiversity make it a must-visit. Ecopro Duyung Baru’s Early Bird Special offers a 25% discount for those eager to explore this extraordinary destination.

Djibouti: A Hidden Gem in the Red Sea

Elegante – 16 Dec 2023 – from €900.00 – 7 nights/6 days Goubet Al Kharab/Gulf of Tadjourah (Djibouti – Djibouti) – €475 OFF! Rates Include Discount. Valid for new bookings.

Explore the pristine waters of Djibouti and experience the unique landscapes of the Gulf of Tadjourah at a discount of €475 on Elegante’s enchanting journey.

Maldives: The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Emperor Explorer – 10 Dec 2023 – from €1,936.00 – Best of Maldives 7 Nights (Male – Male) – Special Price Offer! Valid for a limited time only. (20% OFF)

Discover the Maldives’ underwater magic at a special price with a 20% discount on Emperor Explorer’s unforgettable 7-night trip.

Emperor Voyager – 16 Dec 2023 – from €1,796.00 – Best of Maldives 7 Nights (Male – Male) – Special Price Offer! Valid for a limited time only. (20% OFF)

Emperor Voyager invites you to experience the “Best of Maldives” with a 20% discount on this limited-time offer.

Honors Legacy – 17 Aug 2024 – from €1,633.00 – Best of Maldives (Male-Male) – Early Bird Special! (20% OFF)

Get ahead of the game and enjoy a 20% discount with Honors Legacy’s Early Bird Special as you explore the Best of Maldives.

Theia – 06 Feb 2024 – from €2,798.00 – Deep South (Huvadhoo – Male) – (20% OFF)

For those looking to dive the uncharted depths of the Deep South in the Maldives, Theia offers a 20% discount for a limited time.

Thailand: Dive into the Andaman Sea

Giamani – 12 Dec 2023 – from €2,340.00 – Similan Surin (Chalong – Tablamu) – Special Autumn Sale! (20% OFF)

Thailand’s Similan Surin is a scuba paradise. Giamani’s Special Autumn Sale provides a 20% discount to explore this underwater Eden.

Philippines: Exquisite Coral Reefs and Vibrant Marine Life

Infiniti – 14 Dec 2024 – from €1,892.00 – Malapascua & Leyte (Cebu – Cebu) – Valid for a limited time only. Contact us for details! (20% OFF)

The Philippines beckon with its remarkable marine biodiversity, and Infiniti offers a 20% discount for a limited time to explore Malapascua and Leyte.

Resolute – 01 Feb 2025 – from €1,751.00 – Apo Reef – Coron (Anilao, Batangas – Anilao, Batangas) – Early Bird Special! (35% OFF)

Resolute’s Early Bird Special offers a generous 35% discount for those who want to explore Apo Reef and Coron’s underwater wonders in the Philippines.

Egypt: The Wonders of the Red Sea

Red Sea Aggressor IV – 30 Mar 2024 – from €946.00 – Brothers, Daedalus, Elphinstone (Marsa Alam-Marsa Alam) – $1700 OFF – Rates include discounts!

Experience the splendors of the Red Sea with a $1700 discount on Red Sea Aggressor IV’s Brothers, Daedalus, Elphinstone itinerary.

Snefro Target – 25 Feb 2024 – from €849.00 – Sinai Classic (Sharm El Sheikh – Sharm El Sheikh) – Up to €250 OFF on selected cabins! Rates include discount.

Snefro Target offers up to €250 off on selected cabins to explore the timeless wonders of Sinai Classic in Egypt’s Red Sea.

Don’t miss these exceptional liveaboard deals to explore the world’s most stunning dive destinations. Book now and immerse yourself in a world of underwater wonders. Happy diving!

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