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Enjoy Your Diving with SMACO S400 1L Diving Tank This Summer

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Summer is coming! Can’t wait to explore more diversity undersea creatures and swim together with various schools of fish? Want to do boat maintenance or drift ropes to free the props from time to time when sailing? And want to have a very exciting and surprising spearfishing time underwater? Well, SMACO S400 1L plus diving tank is prepared here for you, which is very portable and allows you breath underwater for 5-10 minutes. 

Before sharing this mini scuba tank with you, there is one important to make clear: Please get your diver certification at first. It’s only designed for trained or certified scuba divers. Whatever training you can get, do not go more than 10 meters underwater and very important BREATH OUT WHILE HEADED TO THE SURFACE.

  1. The pony bottle is made of 6061 aviation aluminum. 
  2. SMACO S400 Plus 1L diving tank is DOT and CE certified. 
  3. Soft silicone mouthpiece makes you feel very comfortable when diving. 
  4. 24 hours full time customer support.

Don’t forget to use this coupon code: SCUBANEWS6 to get 6% off at SMACOSPORTS.COM, which will expire on 25th July 2022. 


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