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Misool Eco Resort, Raja Ampat, Indonesia – Reflections from a Remote Island

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Our little island has been a source of hope in the dark for so many. Throughout countless challenges, Misool has thrived, proving that sustainable tourism can protect the environment as well as the small coastal communities that depend upon these reefs. Survival against the odds is written into our DNA.

The Covid 19 crisis has developed at breakneck speed, and we’ve all had to adapt, fast. On 17 March, the mayor of Sorong issued a statement instructing Garuda Indonesia (as well as four other domestic airlines) to stop issuing tickets to foreigners traveling to Sorong until further notice. On the same day, the Jakarta Post reported that Indonesia would suspend its visa-free policy as of 20 March for one month. Sadly, we were forced to temporarily close the doors at Misool Resort. However, with a team of 250 full time employees, many of whom are supporting extended families on their wages, things cannot stop.

It has been an incredible few weeks in the Misool Marine Reserve (did someone say Whale shark?!). Plus Misool Foundation celebrated its 10th birthday last week – we have lots of reasons to be positive.

We were graced by multiple visits from the world’s largest fish and even had the joy of snorkelling with whale sharks and dolphins at the same time (where are you supposed to look in those circumstances?!).

Learn more about diving in Raja Ampat at: https://www.liquiddivingadventures.com


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