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The Best Places to Dive in February

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There are some great diving highlights to enjoy in February. It is a particularly good month for shark lovers and there are dive highlights around the globe.

Shark fans can head to the Bahamas to enjoy lemon sharks, Caribbean reef sharks, hammerhead sharks and more. The entire archipelago of 700 islands is a shark sanctuary and is particularly well-known for tiger shark dives at Tiger Beach. Bahamas liveaboard diving is a great way to experience shark diving and explore the more remote dive sites of the archipelago.

Thailand is another February destination for shark diving and hosts the beginning of the whale shark season in the Andaman Sea. It is also the right time of year to see manta rays in the area.

Raja Ampat and Komodo in Indonesia are great liveaboard destinations for divers looking to experience world-class coral reef diving and abundant marine life. One of the best things about Komodo is the large number of dive locations that provide opportunities to experience manta rays, Komodo dragons on the beach, macro life and diverse fish life. Raja Ampat is also spectacular, with over 1500 species of fish and 537 species of coral to enjoy.

More details about what to expect at these destinations during February, and other great dive locations, are in the full Liveaboard.com article The Best Places to Dive in February.



Whale shark image caption: Whale Sharks in Thailand – photo courtesy of Manta Queen 8.


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