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How Scuba Gaskets Proved The Naysayers Wrong

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It was argued by many, that a small on line shop specializing only on one type of product, like scuba O-rings, didn’t stand a chance to be financially viable, and thus need to increase significantly it’s products in order have bigger revenue covering many more areas of scuba diving industry, like fins, masks etc.

Scuba gaskets refused to follow that logic, and instead has focused  its efforts on specialization on high quality products at the best possible price related only with seals and gaskets of the diving industry.

After a decade, and after reinvesting all its resources in the development of new products  scubagaskets.com  is well established in the area of professional diving  O-rings with several  lines of O-Rings products developed by the world leading manufacturer Europe-Seals B.V. and other manufacturing companies like Aerospace Lubricants inc.



Scubagaskets O-rings are produced according to ISO 9001 and 6 sigma production systems including automatic final quality control systems. The O rings have almost all possible existing international water approvals, NSF, WRC, KTW, and various EN approvals in place.  Europe Seals BV has signed a “monitoring contract” according to DVGW W534 with the independent German Laboratory MPA in Dortmund. That means Extra Quality Control through an independent Institute.

The highest quality material is used like NBR , FKM  ONLY genuine Viton(TM) of DuPont Dow Elastomers, EPDM and Polyurethane.

Scuba gaskets offer for sale more than 170 different o-ring and o-ring related products of the highest quality possible.

Scubagaskets®O-ring Categories

NBR Sh70, NBRSh90, EPDM, Polyurethane,Viton for Nitrox ,Viton for 100% O


Lubricants from Aerospace Lubricants Inc. for air ,oxygen , open circuits and  close circuits (re-breathers)

Scuba tools

Tools specially developed by factory partner,  for o-ring insert during  scuba gear service operations.

Service kits

Seven General o-ring service box of 100-120 o-rings each (EPDM,NBR,FKM Viton)

and another seven spare parts for valves and mini tank o-ring keyring to save a dive.

ScubaGakets O-rings for Diving computers

Ten different o-rings for Suunto and Oceanic diving computers covering more than 25 models of those brands .

Scuba gaskets dedication to their work,their specialization in their products,  the assurance in product quality, free delivery world wide along with their fast customer service  made scubagaskets, ship  orders to over 40 countries, with many satisfied customers globally.

You can easily  view their products here http://www.scubagaskets.com/product-list/

Scubagaskets development was remarkable so far, wondering what their next step will be.


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