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4 Dive Locations That Are Good For Diving In All Seasons

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Last time we looked at some of the great Summer, Autumn, Winter and spring destinations to dive, now we’ll look at destinations to dive all year around.

Sea to Sky

When you are passionate about scuba diving and you have an adventurous spirit, and you live in the upper hemisphere or in a geographical location that has 4 seasons which prevents you from scuba diving, then you’ll get excited about these 4 dive locations that are good for diving in all 4 seasons! There are actually countless locations around the globe where you can go diving all year long, however, there are a few well known and sought after dive sites which are guaranteed to satisfy your passion for diving and they are listed below.

The best 4 dive locations that are good for diving in all seasons are internationally well known and are guaranteed to satisfy any scuba divers passion for underwater adventure. Here is a list of the best 4 dive locations for all year diving, in no particular order:

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The Hawaii Islands

Situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, these islands are famous for all year round diving. Oahu, which is the main island, includes the city of Honolulu and Pearl Harbor, has some good dive sites. However, some of the truly best scuba diving in Hawaii can be found on the outer islands such as Maui, Kauai and the Big Island. Whichever island you visit, you will find excellent all year round weather, however, the winter months have increased trade winds which may affect visibility at some dive locations on the north shores of the islands.



This island nation has literally countless dive locations spread out over more than 54,000 km of coastline. The island of Bali is one of the best all year-round diving spots in the world. Because Indonesia is near the equator, the winter months receive just as many divers as the summer months. And, another reason it is one of the 4 dive locations that are good for diving in all 4 seasons is because of the natural beauty of the place, and there are many affordable dive packages all year round.



The Land of a Thousand Smiles, Thailand is guaranteed to put a smile on any scuba divers face, because during all four seasons the landscape is just as mesmerizing beautiful as are the many marine life species found in the ocean’s water. Two dives sites you shouldn’t pass on the chance to dive are well known, Red Rock and Purple Rock. These are world class locations that every scuba diver should want to experience at least once. Although diving is good in Thailand all year, certain times of the year are ideal to visit for scuba divers; between the months of August and September because there are heavy rains during this time of the year, which means there as less tourists.


The Caribbean

There are well over thirty sought after islands in the Caribbean that offer exceptional scuba diving locations and liveaboard diving adventures that are available all year long. One particular island is as exciting to dive as it is to visit. That island is Jamaica. Crystal clear water awaits all passionate scuba divers all year round, making the Caribbean one of the best 4 dive locations that is good for diving in all 4 seasons.




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