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Scuba Features Salmon Photos

Introducing: Salmon Photos

Gilbert has a history of successful unique artistic ventures created by a vivid imagination; a love for the splendid creatures living in hidden aquatic environments and a lifetime cause in communicating the mysteries of underwater environments.

Scuba Features HMCS Saguenay

Diving the Wreck of the HMCS Saguenay Lunenburg in Nova Scotia

HMCS Saguenay was a St. Laurent-class destroyer that served in the Royal Canadian Navy and later the Canadian Forces from 1956-1990. Saguenay is 366 feet long and rests in 90′ of water, and currently leans on its port side. Scuttled in 1994 as an artificial reef off Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, she took 20 minutes to disappear beneath the waves, and landed upright in the sand. In May of 1995, she had taken on a 70-degree list to starboard. Each year she settles further onto her side.

Scuba Features Diving the Tunstall

Tunstall Wreck Dive – Covehead, Prince Edward Island

The steamer, Tunstall, owned by the Black Diamond Line, was carrying coal from Pictou, Nova Scotia, to Montreal, Quebec, when it sank after being crushed in the ice off Covehead. The Tunstall was built in 1879 and sank on May 11, 1884.  All the men aboard the Tunstall made it safely ashore and the wreck is now a popular site in Prince Edward Island for scuba divers.

Scuba Features Alisha

Diving from the Shores of Halifax

When most people imagine scuba diving they think of hot weather and coral reefs. While this may bode well for some scuba divers that prefer this safe and easy underwater life, there are others that live in locations that don’t allow them that luxury.

Equipment News Abyss

Introducing Abyss Diving Suits

Owner and operator, Gim Gheorghe, knows first-hand how divers feel about their life-support equipment. Before founding Abyss Diving Suits 25 years ago, Gim worked as a commercial diver in Canada and Eastern Europe and had served on the Romanian Navy’s underwater team. Those whose livelihoods depend on reliable, well-crafted gear appreciate good-quality exposure suits.

Scuba Features Halifax

Halifax explosion’s toll in 1917 only surpassed by WW2 atomic bombs

As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday this year it is worth noting that a war has never been fought on its land. But the weapons of warfare brought death and destruction to Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Canada’s Atlantic seaboard 100 years ago. On December 6, 1917, the French ship Mont-Blanc left its anchorage at Halifax to join a convoy that would cross the Atlantic en route to the First World War battle grounds.