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Chief William Saulis Scallop Vessel Found at Delaps Cove

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Over 2 kilometres off Delaps Cove, Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia scallop fishing vessel, Chief William Saulis, was found sitting upright in 60 metres (197 feet) of cold saltwater on January 16, one month and day after her loss at sea. British Columbia/Nova Scotia RCMP rescue teams assisted the Coast Guard and the Transporation Board to locate Saulis. There were six crew members working on the Saulis, but to date only one crew member, Micheal Drake has been found. A remote-controlled vehicle was used in the search and identified the Saulis.

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Chief William Saulis was headed to Digby, Nova Scotia on December 15, 2020, after three days of sea scallop fishing. The combination of gale-like winds, numerous currents and the fact that the seas were strong, probably contributed to the tragedy.

The RCMP said it was important to decide what are the next steps to check inside the vessel. It is thought that the remaining fishermen/crew are still in the vessel. The recovery of the crewmembers is important to family members to bring them closure.

A GoFundMe page has been established to assist the families of those lost from the Chief William Saulis.


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