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Wreck Hunter 2: The Adventure Continues

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Spend some time in the company of an adventurer, find out what makes him tick and follow his remarkable journey on some of his real life adventures over the past 35 years. Experience the thrills, excitement and challenges that are associated with searching for shipwrecks and sunken treasure.

Wreck Hunter 2

There are over 10,000 shipwrecks off the coast of Nova Scotia with less than one percent having been located. The possibilities and opportunities for new discoveries of shipwrecks are limitless. Read about the remarkable history of but a few of the thousands of shipwrecks that lie off the coast of Nova Scotia. Learn about the latest cutting edge technology and techniques used to locate shipwrecks. Read about the current laws, the policies, the opinions, the players, the politics and the resulting problems and issues currently affecting the controversial and often public debate concerning shipwrecks. Finally take a glimpse into the future as his adventures continue into uncharted areas of shipwreck exploration.

Terry Dwyer was born in the coastal community of New Waterford, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. He learned to scuba dive in 1978 at the age of fifteen. Clearing propellers of rope and nets for local fishermen enabled him to start his first dive company at age sixteen. He spent five years working for a treasure hunting company and then spent the next thirty years of his life working in the Canadian scuba diving industry. In 1992 he received a Rescue Commendation for an Act of Personal Bravery. In 1994 he founded the Nova Scotia Scuba Association.

Terry Dwyer’s second book – Wreck Hunter 2 – The Adventure Continues, is available via mail order on line and in book stores throughout Atlantic Canada.

Learn more at: http://wreckhunter.ca/


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