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Diving the Wreck of the HMCS Saguenay Lunenburg in Nova Scotia

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HMCS Saguenay was a St. Laurent-class destroyer that served in the Royal Canadian Navy and later the Canadian Forces from 1956-1990. Saguenay is 366 feet long and rests in 90′ of water, and currently leans on its port side. Scuttled in 1994 as an artificial reef off Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, she took 20 minutes to disappear beneath the waves, and landed upright in the sand. In May of 1995, she had taken on a 70-degree list to starboard. Each year she settles further onto her side.

Because of a navigation hazard,  in April 1995, the park nearby had to purchase and maintain a permanent lighted buoy at a cost of $15,000.

The HMCS Saguenay became a major location for lobster production. Traps are set by lobster fishermen during lobster season, and this wreck is also home to an abundance of sea life.

Video footage: shot with a GoPro Hero 1080 with a Mako flatport, magenta filter, UK Aqualite dive light with a 90 degree head.

Video footage by Kelly Campbell and divers in the video are Ed Walker and Nicholas Manuel. June 2014.




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