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Introducing: Salmon Photos

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Welcome to a breathtaking, mystical underwater world, as seen through the eyes of artist Gilbert van Ryckevorsel. Salmon, swordfish, whales, the flora and fauna of the Eastern Canadian wilderness.

About Gilbert van Ryckevorsel

When still living in the Netherlands, Gilbert visited around the Mediterranean and his most awesome experience was snorkeling in clear waters of the Balearic Islands off Spain, true adventure in diving with schools of giant Bluefin Tuna.

Salmon Photos

In 1969 in Nova Scotia he again found and relived these experiences with the Bluefin Tuna in St. Margaret’s Bay. His former experience brought him in contact with The National Geographic Society providing an opportunity in assisting their star underwater photographer David Doubilet and learning the trade from the world’s best.

This inspiration led to taking up the specialty and choosing to focus on the underwater worlds of North Atlantic Wilderness rivers and the Coastal Waters of our Maritime Canada, still today harboring the now endangered Atlantic salmon and the Giant Bluefin Tuna.

Gilbert has a history of successful unique artistic ventures created by a vivid imagination; a love for the splendid creatures living in hidden aquatic environments and a lifetime cause in communicating the mysteries of underwater environments. However, his initial and overriding goal is to create awareness for the need of preservation of life supporting water. With these motivations, he has created underwater photography, driftwood monster phantasy sculptures, beach rock engravings, ocean mirror glass art, marine abstract art.

Salmon Photos
Photo Credit: Gilbert van Ryckevorsel

We invite you to explore this web site and to enjoy a rare glimpse into one of the last unspoiled natural ecosystems on Earth.

Learn more at: http://www.salmonphotos.com/


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