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How to benefit the most out of ScubaGaskets e-shop during Covid-19 times?

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ScubaGasket’s policy, since the early days of operation was and still is, the supply of high-quality scuba parts and products related to scuba gear maintenance globally, in the most cost-effective way in respect of individual product price, as well as shipping and handling charges. At the end of the day the individual product price is closely related with the shipping and handling charges.

Since now we provide services for a wide range of scuba diving customers, we do our best to cover every customer need, offering the most cost-effective deal.

Sea to Sky

Shipping charges 

Nowadays due to Covid 19, a major issue in our business is shipping cost and delivery time, since shipping options for some countries are narrowed down to only courier services like DHL, whereas for other countries were national postal service are operational, big delays occurs on delivering our orders.

We are one of the few companies, that offers free shipping and handling for ALL orders, of just over 150 euro value to ALL destinations on earth, as a measure against covid-19. ScubaGaskets offer this free shipping option at a grate cost, if you consider that for some destinations the only available shipping option is the express courier services. On the other hand, ScubaGaskets provide 2 shipping options for any other order under 150 euro of value, regardless of shipping address or total weight of order.

Liquid Diving

1. Registered postal service (10-20 working days delivery time) at the cost of 12.50 euro per order regardless of shipping weight!  

2. Express courier service DHL (2-4 working days delivery time) at the cost of 29.99 per order regardless of shipping weight!  

From our experience since March 2020 (when global shipping and postal environment changed) the most cost-effective way regarding shipping, is courier services since is very fast (2-4 days delivery time) and is not related with order weight, since ScubaGaskets subsidies this service by covering any extra charges. Remember time is money, and at the moment the cost for this express option is just 29.99 euros/order regardless weight. You can order as many products as you want and have them at your door at zero time (2-4 working days) no matter where you are in the globe.

Bulk discounts 

It is logical that some of our customers may run out of stock for one or two low value products like spare parts or O-rings that are essential for their work. Guess what we have the same problem!

Our solution to that problem is that we place as big orders as we can, to our suppliers and use courier services for delivery. In this way the shipping cost may look high as an absolute number, but when divided with  big order quantity is very low, and most importantly we have our products at our warehouse in a matter of days. The down side is that we created high stock for each product, but since the future of shipping is uncertain due to covid-19, maybe this high stock can turn to be a strong advantage for us and our customers.

In order to help our customers, follow the solution that we adopted regarding shipping and stock, we created Bulk Discounts for ALL of our O-rings under the categories of VITON, EPDM, NBR, Green Viton, and Polyurethane, many scuba parts like conical filter, LP seats, and we have reduced the min order quantity that those discounts are activated. So, if you are thinking of ordering just 7 conical filters because you run out of them and you need just 7, order 11 pcs and you get 10% bulk discount, and if this part is something you use all the time consider ordering 50pcs so you can get 20%. In respect of scuba O-rings, we have reduced the min order quantity for bulk discounts so if you order 150 O-rings instead of 100 that you need, you will get 10% off as well. If you are using a lot of that O-ring size you can consider ordering 500 O-rings and then you get 30% off.

In addition we run special offers every week or so for many different products like scuba tools, lubricants , scuba accessories ,service kits etc that sometimes the prices is near to our purchasing cost aiming to the total value of the order and not to the individual profit margin of each product. We all need to keep adjusting with the new challenges of the times and we try to do it as best as we can. Our goal is to have our all of our 560 products, available to all scuba diving related customers globally no matter what! 

Learn at: https://scubagaskets.com



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