Saltwater Sean Presents, Treasure Hunting at Dingwall Harbour, Cape Breton

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In the hopes of finding some coins, Saltwater Sean and Jake Brenner brought their diving gear to explore Dingwall Harbour. They did not find any but managed to pull out a lot of garbage and bottles from the water. The water and the weather were warm on this day.

In the Aspy Bay area of Victoria County, Nova Scotia, Canada, Dingwall is a coastal village of approximately 600 people. It is located 84.68 kilometres northeast of the county seat of Baddeck, just off the Cabot Trail.

Located just north of the National Park of the Cape Breton Highlands, Dingwall has lush forest areas and is framed to the north and south by mountains, and east by the Atlantic Ocean. Many seasonal residents come from the U.S. and Europe to Dingwall during the summer and leave during the winter, adding to the approximately 600 permanent residents.

Saltwater Sean
Fishing Vessels at Dingwall. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Dingwall has historically been a fishing community, which, along with tourism, remains the main industry of the region. A resort called The Markland Coastal Beach Cottages, which is a popular tourist destination during the summer months, is home to Dingwall. The Roman Catholic Church of St. Joseph was opened in 1901 and restored after being damaged by fire in the mid-1980s.

On a diving note, Saltwater Sean notes that “mollusks” are the shell fish that cling to the bottles in the video. He extracts them, and returns them to the ocean.

Mollusca (mullusks) is one of the most diverse animal groups on the planet, with at least 50,000 (and possibly about 200,000) living species. It includes snails, octopuses, squid, clams, scallops, oysters, and chitons. Typically, the mollusc (or mollusk) shell is a calcareous exoskeleton that encloses, sustains and protects the soft parts of an animal in the Mollusca phylum.  Not all shelled molluscs live in the sea; many live on the land and in freshwater.




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