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David Gilchrist visited the underwater world at Sherkston Quarry in April 2023.

The 27-acre spring-fed quarry is a highlight of Sherkston Quarry Beach. On the quarry floor, experienced divers can explore remnants of a century-old quarry mining operation.

Sea to Sky

A must-dive for Open Water Divers due to the 50-foot depth and better visibility in the spring and fall. Practice your skills or simply enjoy the underwater scenery.

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Liquid Diving

Dive Report

David reported:: 35 foot depth dive

Variable visibility

Usually a 60 minute dive is possible

David Gilchrist

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Kathy is the owner of Kirk Scuba Gear, a passionate Scuba Diver, Ocean Advocate and Managing Editor of The Scuba News Canada

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  1. mike meadows on

    There Is next to no information on how to gain access to dive here, Do you have to rent at the resort to be able to dive here?

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