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Located at the bottom of the quarry at Sherkson Shores Quarry, is a train and according to myth, while workers were working the Quarry, they reached a thin wall near the train and water started to spill in leaving all workers with no escape.

Sherkston Shores is a holiday destination for friends, relatives and non-stop fun in Southern Ontario. Located on more than two miles of beautiful beachfront on Lake Erie, and close to Niagara Falls, Ontario and Buffalo, New York in a picturesque, park-like area, you can find private cottages and RV and tent sites.

Sherkston Shores
Photo Credit: David Gilchrist

There are many amenities for families, but the Quarry located at Sherkston Shores is known as a scuba diving destination as well. The Quarry here is natural and was once a working limestone mining Quarry. The Quarry ceased operations (Empire Limestone Co.) during World War 1 in 1917, and due to the natural springs at the bottom, it soon filled up with water. At the nearly 50ft bottom, the majority of original machinery, 3 miles of tracks, over 20 railcars, the original pumphouse, etc. still sit. Divers are coming to discover its beauty from far and wide. The best time to dive in the spring or late fall is because visibility is clearest at these times.

Sheraton Shores
Photo Credit: David Gilchrist

A definite dive for Open Water Divers as the depth is 50 feet and diving in the spring and fall offers greater visibility. Practice your talents or just enjoy the scenery underwater.

Thanks to David Gilchrist for the video/photos.

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