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Depth, A Next-Generation Audio Freediving Computer, Launches Kickstarter Campaign

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Depth uses a bone conduction speaker to relay critical dive information without the distraction of a screen.

Depth Computer

Depth is a screenless freediving and spearfishing computer that features a music player and a fully-customizable suite of spoken audio notifications for dive time, depth, velocity, mouthfill and more. After years of development and dozens of prototypes, Depth seeks Kickstarter funding to scale-up manufacturing and testing.

Depth Computer

Depth was created by a small team of freedivers with the goal of developing a seamless connection between divers and computers. Grayson Galisky, the founder of Depth, explained his design philosophy in Depth’s Kickstarter video:

“I built Depth because I wanted a simple, intuitive freediving computer that kept me informed on my dives without having to take my eyes away from the underwater world to look at a screen.”

Depth’s Kickstarter campaign began on October 11, 2022 and exceeded its funding goal within 10 hours of launching. After 24 hours, the campaign sold out of its “Super Early Bird” reward tier, which offered Depth and its mask clip for $199, 43% off its retail price of $349. The Kickstarter campaign currently offers a $12 sticker tier, a $40 t-shirt + sticker tier and several $250+ tiers that include Depth units at various rates.

Depth Computer

Since it became a viable prototype in 2021, Depth has been demoed by dozens of freedivers and spearfishers from Cancun, Mexico to Lake Crescent, Washington. John Prins, an AIDA and SSI certified Master Freediving Instructor, describes his experience after demoing Depth in Monterey Bay, California:

“It’s audio, I never want to look at a watch when I’m freediving and I want to know what’s going on when I’m down there. This is the only thing that can tell you that, apart from maybe a watch strapped to your neck. It’s 21st-century tech for freediving, which is awesome.”

Along with its integrated capabilities, Depth includes a companion mobile app for customizing audio notifications, managing its music player, programming its multifunction button, viewing/sharing dive logs and more.

The computer can be attached to a mask strap with its included 3D-printed clip or secured under wetsuit hoods while remaining audible through 20mm of neoprene.

To learn more about Depth, visit its websiteKickstarterInstagram and Facebook


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