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Netflix Presents: Penguin Town

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Who can say they aren’t fond of penguins? Penguins have countershaded dark and white plumage (likened to a tuxedo) and flippers for swimming that can also be used for walking on land, making them well-adapted for life in the water/land.

In Netflix’s latest documentary-style series, both the penguins and the town are real. Penguin Town is an eight-part docuseries narrated by Patton Oswalt about a group of African penguins who gather in the South African resort town of Simon’s Town every year for the summer mating season. These penguins, dubbed “jackass penguins” by the locals, aren’t perched on a glacier or floating on an ice floe; instead, they mix with the locals and tourists in the sunny, warm atmosphere, trying to find a nice position to mate, lay eggs, and care for their new chick. The penguins are quite bold, and they have no qualms about strolling amongst humans or breeding in home gardens.

The whole family will appreciate this 8-episode, 4-hour docuseries.

Pass the popcorn.

Watch at: https://www.netflix.com/title/81214135


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