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Brand New Developments from Scuba Gaskets. Meet the next generation Scuba O-Rings

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ScubaGaskets having a huge scuba O-ring product range, based on the AS568 A and DIN 3771 metric sizes, Material and Hardness of O-rings, therefore probably the most specialized Scuba 

O-ring shop globally!

The latest development of Scuba Gaskets and Europe Seals B.V is the launch of the next generation Scuba O-rings Sh85-90 EPDM that no other brand managed to create so far, securing her position on top and far from any competition in the area of scuba seals. 

These O-Rings are a major improvement compared to all existing EPDM O-Rings in the market today since they do not only have better Oxygen resistance, but also a better sealing performance at high pressure applications (H.P.).

As all Black Rubber materials (NBR, EPDM, Black Viton®) contain Carbon (C), which will react with Oxygen (O2) in time, especially in environments where oxygen is present at high pressure.   ScubaGaskets developed a second product range Specifically for Pure Oxygen applications at high pressures, the Green Genuine Viton® Sh90” for maximum safety, sealing performance and service time, in such extreme environments like pure Oxygen environments.  

Scuba Gaskets Safety Recommendations for O2 Seals.

  • Service your equipment in time.
  • Never over-tightening O-Rings and seals   
  • For Applications of Oxygen levels 40%-60% use  “Black Genuine Viton®”
  • For Applications of Oxygen levels >60% use “Green Genuine Viton®” that do not contain Carbon for longer sealing performance and durability. 

Very soon ScubaGaskets will launch its next product category, with more than 30 products, reaching in this way 13 different product categories, focusing on Scuba Gas Filling Stations.

At the moment 390 different scuba related products like O-Rings, service tools, lubricants, service kits, compressor parts, scuba tank parts, scuba hoses and scuba dive accessories are available for sale to any diving professional globally via ScubaGaskets e-shop : https://scubagaskets.com/product-list/


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