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Are you seeking a career in marine biology? Work Experience Research Assistant Wanted

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Kenna Eco DivingKenna Eco Diving are offering a work experience volunteer placement for approximately 3 months, during the period June to August/September 2014, to a suitably qualified candidate who will play a lead role in underwater data gathering with volunteer scuba divers studying coastal biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea.

The assistant will receive training in data gathering techniques and species identification and will assist Kenna Eco Diving with its volunteer research activities. The assistant will gain experience in designing and carrying out marine species surveys, conducting underwater cleanups, teaching and leading new volunteers, diving risk assessment, collating data and entering it into excel and online databases. He/she may choose to also undertake some independent research and practice underwater photography.

The assistant will be involved in diving at our two SILMAR research stations and at other locations, depending on research aims and weather conditions, during Monday to Friday. Normally two dives are completed each day. Daily hours will be flexible around 09.00 to 17.00 and weekends are free. This is an unpaid, voluntary work experience research assistant placement to gain underwater fieldwork experience studying Mediterranean coastal biodiversity.

Kenna Eco Diving is an independent non-profit marine research center studying Mediterranean coastal biodiversity and impacts on key species since 1999, with a special interest in the Posidonia oceanica seagrass ecosystem.

Learn more at: http://www.kennaecodiving.net/eco-resources/eco-career-opportunities


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Gaynor Rosier is a voluntary coordinator for the SILMAR Project responsible for two research transects near L´Escala, on the Costa Brava, where she has been diving and researching coastal biodiversity for the past 15 years. Gaynor is passionate about marine conservation and underwater photography. Learn more at www.kennaecodiving.net, http://www.marine-life-costa-brava.org/, http://marinebiology.kennaecodiving.net/, http://scubablog.kennaecodiving.net/ or follow on Facebook: Kenna Eco Diving and Twitter @EcoDiver

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