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0 Ecojustice applauds federal ban on microbeads

The Canadian government has announced a ban on microbeads, and this progressive move will keep this harmful plastic pollutant out of Canada’s waterways. When products containing microbeads, such as cleansers, lotions and toothpastes, are used and rinsed down the drain, these bits of plastic — typically 1.0 millimetre or smaller in diameter — are too small to be caught by wastewater treatment facilities. Instead, they are flushed directly into lakes, rivers and streams, where they wreak havoc on wildlife. Scientists have found millions of microbeads in the Great Lakes, with the highest concentrations occurring near urban areas.

Environmental News
0 Running for Sharks

A conservation virtual running event has captured the public’s attention and turned from a solo event into a global one, with runners around the world signing up to participate.

Environmental News
0 Acoustic Monitoring of Māui Dolphins a Success

Māui’s dolphin, a subspecies of Hector’s dolphin found off the west coast of the North Island, is the rarest marine dolphin and has approximately just 63 individuals remaining in the wild. This critically endangered dolphin needs all the help it can get to recover from fisheries bycatch.

Environmental News
0 New Zealand’s Amazing Longfin Eels

The waters of New Zealand are home to a number of colourful moray eel species and conger eels, which can be dived with in places such as the Poor Knights marine reserve in Northland. Spending time with eels isn’t restricted to scuba diving though, as the land of the long white cloud is also home to the Longfin eel; a freshwater species only found in New Zealand and declining in numbers.

Environmental News
0 Kiribati creates large shark sanctuary

Kiribati, an island nation in the central Pacific Ocean, is committed to protecting their waters from overfishing and have recently announced they have established a large shark sanctuary. The sanctuary is approximately the size of India and commercial shark fishing is banned within it

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