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Protecting oceans is paying off

Do you remember Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak? It turns out wizards aren’t the only ones who can vanish from sight with a special coat. Marine researchers have discovered shrimp-like crustaceans called hyperiids that can hide in the open using internal nanotechnology to cloak themselves in invisibility. That’s just one among many fascinating discoveries to celebrate on World Oceans Day, June 8.

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We visit Special Tours to see some special things in Iceland!

Whale watching in Iceland is something that is a must and part of my role at The Scuba News UK is looking into the things divers and tourists might want to see on trips and what is offered. As a diver myself, I am hugely interested in all sea life and and am drawn to activities that allow me to learn about and interact with marine life and the sea world in a positive and non damaging way.

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Interactive Conservation: New Zealand

It’s unnerving to think that each year, hundreds of whales and dolphins strand on the shores of New Zealand. In fact, New Zealand has the highest stranding rate in the world. Some are sick or injured; others are perfectly healthy and need a helping hand back into the water. 300 strand in New Zealand each year and mass stranding can also be common, which can involve 100s of animals at a time. But if you were to see a beached whale how many of us actually know how to help these magnificent marine mammals get back to the water?