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Video – Freediving with Orcas in Norway

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to freedive with orcas? Jacques do Vos is an underwater photographer who regularly gets into the water with these magnificent creatures, most recently in Norway. Enjoy the stunning video of his experiences above.

In an interview for RedBull, Jacques confirmed that people wanting to freedive with orcas on his expeditions needs to be qualified freedivers or have other suitable experience. When asked if he has been scared when freediving with orcas, he responded:

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‘You should always remember that these are still wild animals, so I’m always cautious, but I’ve never really been scared. Although they have the reputation of being ‘killer whales’ (a name I avoid using and don’t like very much), they are some of the most intelligent beings I have ever had the privilege to be close to and it’s amazing just how cautious and gentle they can be when we’re in the water.’



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Kathryn is a marine conservationist, a dive travel writer, and an award-winning author based in New Zealand. She is the author of No Damage and co-founder of the marine conservation cause Friends for Sharks

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