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Inside The Tanks, Documentary

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On Thursday 15th June, witness what happens Inside The Tanks.

This brand new documentary, Inside The Tanks, focuses on what life is like for whales and dolphins in European marine parks, by visiting Marineland, in the South of France.

The documentary is sure to enrich the discussion surrounding captivity, with it’s unique approach, as Presenter and Producer, Jonny Meah, blasts the topic wide open, giving ALL sides of the debate a chance to have their say, with in depth interviews from The Born Free Foundation; Marine Biologist, Ingrid Visser; former Marineland Supervisor, John Hargrove; and in a world exclusive on the topic, an interview with The Zoological Director of Marineland Antibes, Jon Kershaw.

Join the debate, using the hashtag #InsideTheTanks.


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