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DiveRAID Release Two New Courses – Cavern and Twinset

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Well, they have been in the works for a while, and some of us had almost forgotten them, but RAID has released two new, important programs today: Cavern and Twinset.

These both fill in holes in our course line-up, and we’re excited to see how our Dive Centres and students react. Both have been written from the ground up and add the distinctive Dive RAID International touch to two classic diver courses.

Cavern Diver


Cavern has always been a transition program. Not necessarily a first step in a diver’s plan to move on to becoming a full cave diver (which it can be of course), but an indication that you’re serious about your diving skills and your curiosity is turned up to the max.

RAID’s Cavern Diver program is a completely new one for us and has been written specifically to work as a stand-alone “recreational” and mild overhead course to meet demand from users who do not want to commit to the equipment requirements of a full technical program. However, to program is detailed enough, and of course meets RAID’s basic skills-based philosophy, that it can be a valuable steppingstone to RAID’s popular Cave 1 introduction to cave diving program.

Twinset Foundations


RAID will be launching its Twinset Diver program on March 2. Please note that this launch includes standards and guidelines for instructor and Instructor-Trainer certifications for this program.

Once again, we are adding a totally new program is the RAID catalogue. Twinset Diver (Doubles Diver) is RAID’s answer to delivering formalized training for divers who want to learn the safe and responsible way to use this classic kit configuration for recreational or technical diving. It’s also required training for students who wish to complete Deco 40/50/60 or overhead programs.

Designed as a valuable standalone for anyone who wishes to understand and enjoy the benefits of extending their bottom time while having the protection of contingency gas and knowing how to plan their dives to take full advantage of these benefits. This course may be combined with other RAID courses and will become a prerequisite for students wishing to use twinsets on course much like formal training is required for sidemount.

Learn more about Cavern Diver and Twinset Foundations at: https://diveraid.com


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