Diving The Amazing Wrecks of the Red Sea

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“Once you try it, you will never get enough of it”. This quote can barely describe the feeling once you dive the Red Sea.

Aside from Egypt having sunny warm weather throughout the year, Egypt also has some of the best scuba diving in the world, particularly wreck diving. The mighty SS Thistlegorm is one of those fantastic locations.

This British ship was bombed during WWII, sunk in the middle of the Gulf of Suez and becoming a phenomenal dive site. Being accessible and requiring only moderate skills to penetrate the wreck aisles and cabins makes it a top notch experience for all levels of scuba divers.

Inside you will find a complete WWII museum, holding motorcycles, trucks, rifles…etc.  In addition to train locomotive just a few meters from the wreck hull.

Inside the Thistelgorm
Inside the Thistlegorm

Nevertheless Abu Nuhas reef never fails to compete with Thistlegorm, holding four breathtaking and mesmerising wrecks (Chrisoula K, Giannis D, Carnatic and Kimon M). 

Chrisoula K and Giannis D are both accessible. Chrisoula K can be penetrated by all level of divers while Giannis D requires a skilled diver due to its unique nature of being tilted at 45 degree. This makes it difficult to determine orientation inside the wreck (upper from lower part). Such conditions make some divers uncomfortable, but then the wreck interior is worth the challenge.

Giannis D
Giannis D

While Carnatic still holding it’s wooden hull with lots of cracks and gaps, that delivers a natural light beams show through those cracks.

Chrisoula K
Chrisoula K

Leaving Kimon M which can be difficult to access due to its current unsteady condition.

In addition, Egypt has many other famous wrecks including the Rosalie Moller, which require a technical diver as the wreck is resting at 55 meter deep. 

Dunraven wreck at the end of the list but still worth the visit.

All the above sites are reachable and dive able all year long.

Learn more about wrecks of the Red Sea at: https://www.redseawreckproject.com or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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Ahmed is a passionate diver based in Cairo who travels to the Red Sea as often as possible to dive the fantastic wrecks and reefs on offer from Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh.

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