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Time To Relaunch Our “Worldwide Divers” Group on Facebook

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Many moons ago, even before we launched The Scuba News, in fact, before we even had the idea for The Scuba News, we started a Facebook Group called Worldwide Divers. We wanted a place for divers to do what divers do when they are not diving…talk about diving!

The group started well and then along came The Scuba News and our involvement in Worldwide Divers fell by the wayside. It takes a lot of work to run The Scuba News you know 😜

Over the past 12 months of the worldwide pandemic we have seen a dramatic increase in engagement with the scuba diving community on Twitter and we absolutely love it. With this in mind, we have made the decision to re-launch Worldwide Divers so we can engage with you there too.

If you are not already a member, and let’s be honest, you are probably not because we have neglected the group for years, head on over and join today and let’s do what we love when we are not diving. Talking about diving 👌🤿

Join Today and Invite Your Scuba Buddies – http://dive.im/WorldwideDivers


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Lee has been in the marketing industry for the last 15 years and now specializes in teaching marketing techniques to people in the scuba diving industry. He is founder of Dive Media Solutions which, in addition to providing complete marketing, media, communications and IT solutions exclusively for the scuba diving industry, also produces The Scuba News. You can connect with Lee via Twitter by following @DiveMedia

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