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Introducing Diveroid – Turn Your Smartphone Into Your Dive Computer, Logbook and Camera

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It can be expensive over time to purchase a diving computer, compass, and camera separately for your diving and not to mention, they are very heavy and can weigh you down when underwater. At DIVEROID, we thought of adding the comfort of always getting a smartphone on hand with the dive tracking technology. All in the palm of your hand, our product includes a dive computer, compass, and logbook.

To ensure that the highest efficiency and resistance are met, DIVEROID goes through a strict water pressure chamber, a closed water test and an open water test protocol. DIVEROID devices are manufactured for strength and scratch resistance using only top-tier products such as Gorilla Glass (TM) and Polycarbonate with Glass Fiber for high strength and longevity.

Sea to Sky

Do you need to call a boat to pick you up? With DIVEROID, boat calling feature, you can now call a boat all through the app. A text message will be sent via URL with your exact location in google maps and will make the boat call.

Functions for both tank divers and freedivers.

Liquid Diving

Learn more at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/diveroid-turn-your-smartphone-into-a-dive-gear#/



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