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Scuba Diving at Sandy Cove Terence Beach, Nova Scotia

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Terence Bay (Population 824 in 2006) is a rural fishing community in the Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, on the Chebucto Peninsula. It lies on the Atlantic Ocean coast, 21 kilometres from Halifax.

The area where Terence Bay is situated also includes the Lower Prospect neighbourhoods where the RMS Atlantic tragedy occurred, with a cemetery / wreck memorial and an interpretive centre are situated.

Terence Bay is also home to the “Lighthouse of Terrence Bay” which was a very good example of the federal government’s attempts to make marine travel safer for coastal communities. It was designed as a harbour light to warn of possible hazards in Terence Bay and to direct ships to Halifax harbour.

Sandy Cove Nova Scotia
Longhorn Sculpin. Photo Credit: Patricia Lockhart

The Terence Bay Lighthouse is related to the sinking on April 1, 1873 of the steamship passenger liner, SS Atlantic. The ship struck a rock in the waters of Terence Bay just off Mars Head which resulted in the death of 562 men, the biggest marine disaster until the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.

Thank you to Patricia Lockhart of Coves Bay, Nova Scotia, who enjoyed a Canada Day 2020 dive at Sandy Cove Terrence Beach, and offered us her video and pictures.

Patricia logged 57 min with a 29 ‘(9 m) max depth and a 54F (12C) water depth temp. Visibility range was in the range of 6-10 feet. She enjoyed a warm and comfortable scuba dive.

Follow Patricia Lockhart on Facebook, and enjoy her other videos/pictures of diving in Nova Scotia.


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