Scuba Diving The Puddle in Queensland, Nova Scotia

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Patricia Lockhart, an avid diver in Nova Scotia and two of her dive buddies dove The Puddle, August 1, 2022. She shares her underwater photography with us.

The picturesque “The Puddle” (Queensland, Nova Scotia) body of water is a mix of fresh and salt water. It is located just behind and below the Puddle Train Bridge, a popular stop along the Trans Canada Trail (Rails to Trails), and borders the communities of Black Point and Queensland, Nova Scotia. This waterway is teeming with marine and other wildlife. It’s also used for some light recreational purposes.

The Puddle Nova Scotia
Moon Snail. Photo Credit: Patricia Lockhart

The Puddle in Queensland is a body of water that is influenced by both tidal and freshwater flows. The Puddle is fed by Stillwater Brook and has saltwater tidal influences from St. Margaret’s Bay. Many marine species live in brackish water environments. With photographs and videos of silt spills into Stillwater Brook, which feeds into The Puddle, local residents have expressed their environmental concerns about the twinning of Highway 103.

The Puddle Nova Scotia
“Here’s Looking at You Kid” – Photo Credit: Patricia Lockhart

Dive Report

I logged 63 minutes with a max depth of only 16’. The water was very warm, about 64 F (18C) until you hit 15’ and then it quickly went very cold and I quickly went above 15’.

Patricia Lockhart

The Puddle Nova Scotia
Sea Anemone. Photo Credit: Patricia Lockhart

Thanks to Patricia Lockhart for her underwater photo contributions.

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