Scuba Diving Black Rock Beach in Nova Scotia

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Patricia Lockhart and three diving companions dove Black Rock Beach back December 12, 2020.

Black Rock
Image credit: Patricia Lockhart

Black Rock Beach is a tranquil spot to relax. Point Pleasant Park encompasses the beach (at the south end of Halifax). Parking and bicycle racks are available on-site. Public transit is another an alternative that is both accessible and dependable.

Although Black Rock Beach is not the most beautiful beach, it is a prominent feature of Point Pleasant Park (Halifax’s largest park). Visitors can come to enjoy the views and a swim or scuba dive during the summer months. Close to the shore, there are also public restrooms. Because of the barrier from the nearby Halifax Pier and the eelgrass beds, this beach is perfect for scuba divers. While swimming is not recommended after the summer, the beach is open all year for people who simply want to relax and take in the surroundings. Please be aware that there are no lifeguards on duty at this beach.

Shakespeare by the Sea, a theatre company that performs plays right close to the sea, is based in Point Pleasant Park during the summer.

Black Rock
Image credit: Patricia Lockhart

Dive Report

My diving buddy Dave and I logged 57 minutes with a maximum depth of 9m (31′) and a cool 7C depth temperature on a gorgeous sunny December day with air temperature of 5C day (45F).

Patricia Lockhart
Black Rock
Image credit: Patricia Lockhart

Thanks to Patricia Lockhart for her photo contributions.

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