Scuba Diving Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia

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Patricia Lockhart and five dive buddies hit the water at Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia for a late November dive.

Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia is a rural village in the Halifax Regional Municipality on Trunk 3, 27.61 kilometers from Halifax, on the Atlantic Ocean’s beach.

The village grew after Jacques Boutilier’s son, James Frederick, and Jacques’ nephew, John Coulaw Boutilier, purchased the 1500-acre Ingram Grant for 140 pounds from Charles Ingram’s son-in-law, William Coolen, on September 20, 1794. Boutilier’s Point was later named for James Frederick Boutilier, the community’s patriarch. Many people in the community have the surname Boutilier . It is normal to be addressed by your first name, followed by your father’s name (e.g., Tom the son of Eric Boutilier becomes Tom Eric).

Photo credit: Patricia Lockhart
Photo credit: Patricia Lockhart

Willard Christie Memorial Park is located on Boutiliers Point and has a playground at the intersection of Christie’s Road and Island View Drive, as well as a baseball pitch down a small path used by dog walkers. In the winter, there is also an outdoor ice rink, which is a popular hangout for hockey players.

The Bay Lookout Provincial Park, which contains a tiny beach and a pier used for mackerel and squid fishing during the summer months, as well as a dock for a few lobster fishing boats, and scuba diving is another attraction in Boutiliers Point.

Photo credit: Patricia Lockhart
Photo credit: Patricia Lockhart

Dive Report

Dive at Boutlliers Point Lookoff Park and Wharf on November 20, 2021. We had six divers and two shore crew members. It was a lovely sunny 4°C day with mild winds and calm weather. I teamed up with Dave and Jeff and logged 80 minutes at a maximum elevation of 44 feet and a minimum temperature of 10 degrees Celsius.

Patricia Lockhart

Thanks to Patricia Lockhart for her photo contributions

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