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Introducing: AquaMermaid School

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AquaMermaid is dedicated to the happiness of your inner mermaid.

AquaMermaid is the newest, hottest swimming school. When Marielle Chartier Hénault, the founder decided to bring her mermaid dream and passion for swimming into a mermaid school, she envisioned a positive-energy, colourful, inspiring alternative to the traditional swimming clubs across town. Six months later, AquaMermaid is drawing a diverse group of members of all ages, genders and swimming levels.

AquaMermaid proudly operates in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec, Kitchener, Phoenix and Chicago offering a variety of mermaid classes per week featuring 40 mermaid team members. The meticulously chosen pools are staffed by professional mermaids trained as lifeguards, synchronized swimming instructors and aqua fitness trainers. The team is available to help you in your exercise, maximize your workout and make your life a real fairy tale come true!


AquaMermaid is an artistic expression and a fun way to keep fit! It is a new discipline where you learn how to swim like a fish using both legs as a fish tail and using your core muscles to propel forward. With multiples arms placement variations you can perform a variety of unique swimming activities.

Mermaid tails are made of stretch fabric such as spandex and an worn up to the wait and have a monofin incorporated at the tails end.

Learn more at: https://www.aquamermaid.com/pages/about-us
Aquamermaid tails: http://aquamermaid.com/collections/store/products/mermaid-tail


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