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We are delighted to introduce Laura Hudson as Diveworld`s PADI Freedive and PADI Mermaid instructor (PADI # 517364).

Diveworld can now offer a regular and extensive range of PADI Freediving and PADI Mermaid courses and experiences.

Laura is an experienced, expert Freediver both PADI and AIDA, and a founder member of the professional Aquatic Mermaid group (aka Mermaid Twinkle).

Reaching the pinnacle of Mermaid achievement as the 1st Miss Ocean World Europe, Miss Mermaid UK and recently appointed as a PADI Freedive and Mermaid Ambassador, one of only five in the world.

Mermaiding especially is catching on like wildfire and requests from as far afield as South Africa have landed in the Diveworld in-box.

The Diveworld team have gone to great lengths to provide a safe, supportive and comfortable environment for all women to reach their potential and influence in the sport, Laura is at the spearhead of this.

For details or to book a Freedive or Mermaid course get in touch with us at Diveworld www.learn2dive.co.uk


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