A Beach Clean in Portsmouth

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We all know just how important the ocean is and how vital is that we help to support and maintain it as a resource and eco system but some individuals spend time and energy taking that to the next level to promote it locally and to instigate action. We meet Jim Cutting, a Portsmouth resident who has a passion for the environment and for its protection.

Jim set out to get people together to clean his local beach in Southsea, Portsmouth and to encourage people to look after the place that they live in. By organising and executing a beach clean he not only brought like minded people together but actively took steps to be innovative and to motivate others. Beach cleans allow communities to come together and work together to make their home a better place and drastically improve the quality of it.

Whether we live on or near a beach or hundreds of miles from the coastline, we all have a profound stake in an ocean that is healthy and abundant but we are facing one of the most serious pollution problems of all time and that time is now.

Debris filled waters have huge impacts locally and can injure swimmers or beach goers, can harm local wildlife, can massively affect tourism especially in a city like Portsmouth that utilises its coastline so well. With its busy harbour it can also ensnare boat propellers which can be costly to boat owners and cause navigation hazards and above all it plays a fatal contribution to the ocean which sustains us with the oxygen we breath, water we drink and food we eat.

Most great change comes from individuals with a passion and drive to create change and Jim cutting has been an example of that this week. We can only hope that more people are inspired to help and most of all become active with that inspiration and turn it into action. Good work Jim in Portsmouth!

Follow Jim Cutting on Facebook with his 365 Day’s Wild project and see what he gets up too!



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