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List of Diving Centers in Egypt Operating Illegally

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We have been asked recently to publish a list of Illegal or Disqualified Diving Centers in Egypt to ensure that divers visiting the area only book with reputable diving operations.

Below you can see the list which is compiled by the Chamber of Diving and Watersports which shows a full list of diving operations which have been operating illegally or have been shut down by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.

Sea to Sky

Diving Center Name Location in Egypt
Sea & See Sharm El Sheikh
A&S, Sultan Beach Hurghada
Absolut Divers Sharm El Sheikh
Adventurer Dive Club – Al Moghamron Dahab
Aish Group
Alexandra Dive Alexandria
Aphrodite Diving Centre Hurghada
Aqua sharm diving college Sharm El Sheikh
Blue Spot Divers Alexandria
Bremo Elgarden – AlShams Dahab
Centre at Aida Hotel
” This listing does NOT refer to Scuba Divers Red Sea who are now located at the Sea Club Hotel and operating legally “
Sharm El Sheikh
Club Dahab Diving Center Dahab
Dahab Tec Divers Dahab
Dahab Touch Divers – Fun Divers Dahab
Dahab’s Crocodile Dahab
Dive Club Italiano Sharm El Sheikh
Diver club Dahab
Divers Bay Sharm El Sheikh
Divers Planet Sharm El Sheikh
Dive-Top diving center Safaga
Diving4all Cairo
Dream Divers International Hurghada
Friends, Beach Albatros Hurghada
Great Hummerhead, Waves Resort Hurghada
Halabnaha Sharm El Sheikh
Hazem Diving Hurghada
International Lazy Diver Hurghada
Kalle’s Aquatic Dive Center Dahab Dahab
May Diving
” Anastasia & Zitspredsedatelya Funt “
Nirvana Dahab
Octopus Divers Dahab
Oxygène Dahab
Pirates Diving
” Refers to Pirates Diving at Pyramisa and Hilton El Nour “
Red Sea Rangers Dahab
Red Sea Rangers Sharm El Sheikh
Russian Club Diving Centre Dahab
Scuba Fun; CAIRO
Sea & C Sharm El Sheikh
Sea Pioneers Dahab
Sea View Divers Dahab
Sirtaki Dahab
SSX Hammer Head Sharm El Sheikh
Sun Shine Diving Centre, El Nasr St Hurghada
Taba Divers Taba



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  1. That list you put up there is very old….Some of those dive centers haven’t existed for 5+ years….

    • Thanks for all of the comments. We did specify that this was the list compiled by the CDWS but we will reach out to them to get an up to date listing.

  2. It also says “Below you can see the list which is compiled by the Chamber of Diving and Watersports which shows a full list of diving operations which have been operating legally or have been shut down by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.”
    Legally or have been shut down?

  3. please add also Blacklisted Online Diving Operators in Egypt. Unfortunately list is not up to date! There are so many working illegally it’s sad, when CDWS will do something about it!

    • Thanks Marion, we are now working to get a full, up to date list of illegal and blacklisted operators. We will keep you informed as soon as we have the up to date list.

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