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Staying in the Loop – OZTek2015

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OZTeK2015 at The Scuba News

With speakers drawn from around the world and topics and talks that span the complete range of diving interests, from mysterious wrecks and magnificent underwater cave systems through to the latest innovations in equipment and imaging technologies, OZTeK2015 is firmly focussed on the diving world of tomorrow.

To be held at Australian Technology Park, Sydney, on the 14 – 15 March 2015OZTeK2015 represents an opportunity to meet, listen to and learn from, some of modern diving’s most accomplished personalities, people who already include:

  • Liam Allen (AUS)- a GUE Instructor Evaluator and deep shipwreck and cave explorer;
  • Michael Aw (AUS) – Author, explorer and multi-award winning conservation photographer;
  • Dr Peter Buzzacott (AUS) – Cave diving explorer who conducts decompression experiments at the University of Western Brittany, in France ;
  • Steve Cox, (USA) – cave and wreck explorer;
  • John Dalla-Zuanna (AUS) – A cave diving instructor involved in on-going deep surveys and mapping projects of significant Australian and New Zealand cave systems;
  • Dr Andrew Fock, (AUS) – Hyperbaric medical specialist and explorer;
  • Paul Haynes, (UK) – CCR and SCR Instructor Trainer and member of a wreck research group;
  • Heather Hamza, (USA) – CCR-trained technical diver and marine conservationist;
  • Dr Richard Harris, (AUS) – Hyperbaric physician and recipient of the OZTeK’09 Outstanding Achievement Award for his contributions to cave diving exploration;
  • Lamar Hires, (USA) – Diving explorer and technical diving pioneer;
  • Paul Hosie, (AUS) – Recipient of the OZTeK2002 Diver of the Year Award for his contributions to remote cave exploration and mapping;
  • Trevor Jackson, (AUS) – Researching, locating and diving more than two dozen previously unknown shipwrecks, he is a former recipient of the OZTeK Diver of the Year Award for his contributions to deep wreck exploration;
  • Laura James, (USA); Richard Lundgren, (Sweden) – GUE Training Director, founder of the Baltic Sea Divers and Ocean Discovery diving groups;
  • Alberto Nava, (USA) – underwater cartographer and explorer working on the caves of the Yucatan Peninsula;
  • Michael Menduno, (USA) – Former publisher of  iconic ‘aquaCORPS’ magazine and the man who coined the term, “Technical Diving”;
  • Rod Macdonald, (UK) – Deep wreck diver and author;
  • Barry McGill, (Ireland) – Deep wreck explorer and photographer;
  • Daren Marshall (AUS) – A Cave Trimix CCR Diver & Advanced Wreck Instructor who has participated in expeditions around the world, including the Maldives Blue Holes, Thai & European cave systems.;
  • Pete Mesley, (NZ) – CCR Diver dedicated to researching, finding, diving and photographing wrecks;
  • Assoc. Professor Simon Mitchell, (NZ) – Universally acknowledged as a leading authority on hyperbaric medicine, he is an avid diver who uses rebreathers to pursue his interest in deep wrecks and photography;
  • Martin Parker (UK) – Managing Director and owner of Ambient Pressure Diving, manufacturers of the Inspiration and Evolution rebreathers;
  • Simon Pridmore, (Indonesia) – A pioneer of Technical diving in Asia;
  • Ben Reymenants, (Thailand) –  CCR Rebreather Instructor and record-holding cave diver involved in exploring Thailand’s Song Hong cave systems;
  • Lance Robb, (AUS) – CCR Instructor and deep shipwreck explore;
  • Liz Rogers, (AUS) – Cave diver and underwater cave photographer;
  • Dave Ross, (Philippines) – Wreck diver and co-founder of the Asian Karst Exploration Project ( AKEP ) exploring new cave systems in the Central Philippines ;
  • Jonas Samuelson, (Sweden) – Technical Instructor trainer and deep shipwreck explorer;
  • Damien Siviero, (AUS) – A CCR wreck explorer and photographer specialising in deep still photo and video work;
  • Randy Thornton, (USA) – a CCR Trimix Instructor Trainer and CCR Cave Instructor, a member of the TDI Advisory Panel and founder and organiser of the TEKDiveUSA Conference;
  • Paul Toomer, (UK) – Cave and wreck diving explorer, CCR Instructor Trainer and Training Director for RAID
  • Mike Torr, (NZ) – Technical wreck diving explorer and photographer.

With more presenters still to be announced and talks that will spark the imagination, further  information about OZTeK2015  – including details about the Photo Competition and the Gala Awards Dinner – can be found on the website at: www.diveoztek.com.au 


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