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Announcing the new Liquivision Lynx Air-Integrated Dive Computer: Be Omniscient

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Liquivision Lynx at The Scuba NewsLiquivision is proud to introduce the Lynx: a revolutionary air & nitrox dive computer designed to change the way you dive with friends.

The Liquivision Lynx Air-Integrated (AI) Computer is the only wrist OLED air integrated computer in the world! It allows you to monitor your own air supply, and your buddy’s air supply and location – within 100m/330ft. The Lynx is capable of tracking up to 9 others divers’ air supply and location, meaning Dive Masters can track a whole class of students right from their wrist.

The Lynx offers something that no other dive computer can provide: peace of mind. When diving with loved ones, nothing can replace the feeling of knowing where they are, and how much air they have left. Rather than swimming up to each family member to check their air, the Lynx provides a way to “Be Omniscient” while underwater with just a quick look at your wrist.

The Lynx has full verbal menus and intuitive tap navigation for ease of use. It has a vibrant full color OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display with large fonts and graphical displays, meaning you can get your critical information, such as No Decompression Limit and Remaining Air Time, at a glance.

The Lynx offers 3 modes: Rec, Tec and Gauge. Ideal for the beginning diver, it also has the capability to grow with them as they advance to nitrox and decompression diving.

How does it work?

The Lynx has revolutionized underwater dive information by using ultrasonic technology. Our ultrasonic transmitter signal travels up to 100x farther than competitor’s RF signals, offering a range of 100m/330ft, all while being unaffected by HID lights, strobes or scooters.

The Lynx & Transmitter retails for $1,399.

For more information, visit http://www.liquivision.com/lynx-air-integrated-computer.php



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