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Introducing The Aeris Jetpack

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Aeris Jetpack at The Scuba NewsEver since last Fall’s DEMA Show, the industry has been talking about the JETPACK from AERIS. Highly-innovative, the one-of-a-kind JETPACK combines the best features of a BCD with a lightweight carry-on backpack to take on growing baggage fees head-on.

According to AERIS Vice-President Doug Krause, the JETPACK is the most anticipated product in the history of the company with pre-sales far exceeding initial projections. “Divers are clamoring for something new and different – the JETPACK meets and exceeds those demands in a very specific and direct way. Any traveling diver will tell you that rising baggage fees are making it difficult for the average diver to fully enjoy the dive travel experience. The JETPACK isn’t just a solution – it’s a revolution for both dive travelers AND dive retailers.”

Sea to Sky

Aeris Jetpack at The Scuba NewsKrause points out sales of BCD units have been declining in recent years. The lightweight JETPACK provides a simple solution to the problem of heavy dive gear while at the same time providing AERIS dealers with an innovative product they can offer their customers. With anticipated shipments throughout the month of June, forward-thinking AERIS dealers have an additional tool to bolster their summer sales.

AERIS is supporting the launch of the JETPACK with a massive promotional and advertising campaign that includes live-action video, online demonstrations and dealer demos.

Liquid Diving

For more information about the JETPACK, visit the product page on the website here: http://www.diveaeris.com/jetpack/.



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    • I have heard good things about it Lance but I have not personally tested it. Hopefully will be getting my hands on one soon and will certainly be writing about the results!

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