Disgusting Behaviour Towards Defenseless Dolphin

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Dolphin Death


There are really no words to describe the level of stupidity of those in this photograph. In Sanya, in the Province of Hainan, China, a small dolphin became beached just off shore and while those who are sensible left to telephone emergency services to aid the process of putting her back in the water, others took a very different approach.

So keen to get a photographic souvenir, they lifted the dolphin from the water and all stood around for candid snapshots. This is just one of many photographs taken with different groups of people. This ordeal lasted for over 30 minutes and sadly resulted in the death of the dolphin after being out of the water for too long.

I really can’t put into words my opinion about this other than to say again that I am shocked at the stupidity and callousness of some people.

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