Author Marc Crane

Marc started diving in 1991 in the waters off the south coast of England from where he hails. Working as a divemaster during his gap year he has been a full time scuba professional since 1995 (still on his gap year), and has worked and dived in the Red Sea, Mexico, Australia, the Mediterranean, East Africa and throughout South East Asia. Moving to Indonesia in 2011 he has dived all over the archipelago, training and exploring, he has been involved in scientific research projects on marine mega fauna and has located and explored new cave systems in Sulawesi. An avid deep reef and wreck diver, he started Tekdeep Asia which has its primary location on Bali from where he teaches throughout Indonesia and across the region. Marc is a TDI and SSI IT with a focus on all things rebreathers where he teaches instructors up to and including Advanced Trimix.