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Kathy is the owner of Kirk Scuba Gear, a passionate Scuba Diver, Ocean Advocate and Managing Editor of The Scuba News Canada

Scuba Features CHAA
Introducing The Canadian Harvard Aircraft Recovery Team (CHAA)

In October of 2001 the CHAA Dive Recovery Team was formed under the guidance of Bob Hewitt with the concept of recovering Canadian historical aircraft within the Great Lakes region. Bob along with the assistance of Charley Fox, Len Fallowfield, Bill Scott, Kent Beckham, Everett Hillsdon, Dave Delaney, Martin Hodgson and Murray Manning have contributed their time and extensive energy in researching possible site locations. The initial focus was to recover sunken aircraft with the intention of restoring them to flying condition or for use as static displays.

Blog Scuba Santa
Christmas Greetings from The Scuba News Canada

In scuba diving, there are many things to be grateful for, such as the trip to that must-see shipwreck, a newly discovered shipwreck, or the underwater world of corals and colourful reef fish. Also, there is diving with a group every week and adding another “log entry.”

Scuba Features Saskatoon
Saskatchewan Shipwreck

So rare were ships on the prairies that when a steamer for the Pearson Land Company was held up on Long Lake, the only law under which the government could charge the thief was Piracy on the High Seas; a crime punishable by hanging. The government decided not to press charges.

Scuba Features seaproof-tv-15-12-16
Learn more about

We are a British Columbia based, ocean focused video production company, offering a personal service that can bring to life your ideas, from concept through to shooting and editing. We shoot above and below the waves, making compelling and original promotional videos, product videos, destination videos, event videos or our trademark minimentaries (they’re just like documentaries, but minier!). Check out our Vimeo and YouTube pages for more videos.

Scuba Features newfoundland-schooners-12-12-16-1
Newfoundland’s schooners: a story worth preserving

Schooners are defined as having two or more masts with triangular sails rigged fore-and-aft, or along the length of the ship, as opposed to the square type sails across the hull that were typical, for example, of the famous clipper ships. Schooners were more maneuverable and were often the workhorses of the sea wherever they were found, and Newfoundland was no exception 100 years and more ago..

Scuba Features ithaca-09-12-16
MV Ithaca comes ashore, almost

You don’t have to be a scuba diver to see the wreck of the MV Ithaca. But you do have to pick the right time of day. That would be low tide, when the 80-metre ship is sitting on the sandy bottom. You can walk close enough for a good view but don’t get too close and definitely do not try to board it because the wreck is not safe.

Community News cdna-07-11-16-1
The Canadian Naval Divers Association (CNDA)

The Canadian Naval Divers Association (CNDA) was founded in January 1981 at Halifax, Nova Scotia. The founding members of the Association were: Andre Desrochers, Stanley F. Watts, Leo Goneau, Terry Havlik, Glenn Adams, and Michael Walsh. The first president was Stanley F. Watts and the current national chairman is Wally Green.

Equipment News shearwater-perdix-ai-1
Introducing The Shearwater Perdix AI Scuba Diving Computer

Shearwater is proud to introduce the newest member of the Shearwater family: The Perdix AI. Offering all of the same great features of the Perdix, the Perdix AI uses its large, easy-to-read screen to clearly display the tank pressure as well as your gas time remaining (GTR). The Perdix AI is capable of connecting to either one or two transmitters giving the diver the option to monitor both tanks or dive sidemount.

Equipment News Diver Down
Flag systems regulate boat traffic around scuba-diving sites

A diver-down flag warns boat operators that a scuba diver is in the water and they should proceed slowly, keeping a wide berth from the divers. The onus is on the divers to stay within a specific distance of the flag when near the surface, and also underwater. It is within a larger area around the flag that boats may not enter, usually between 50 to 300 feet of the dive flag. This flag is also used to identify a location where diving gear is sold or rented.

Scuba Features sable-island-19-11-16
Sable Island – Graveyard of the North Atlantic

Located 300 km east-southeast of Halifax are the crescent-shaped, shifting sand dunes of Sable Island. Home of the wild Sable Island ponies with the long, flowing manes and tails, it has also been a temporary home for shipwrecked sailors, en route convicts, and pirates brought there inadvertently by the legendary gales that blow around the island.

Scuba Features ethelbsumner-11-11-16
The Ethyl B Sumner: On Wreck and Mystery

In the dark of midnight, November 12, 1912, Ethyl B Sumner struck a ledge near Waterside, New Brunswick, and broke apart. According to a commentary written in The Parrsboro Record in April 1974, “Such was the untimely end of the Ethyl B Sumner by this cruel act of Providence, but danger and sometimes death were always the sailor’s companions in the by-gone days of sail.”

Event News howe-sound-1
Howe Sound Recovery

The Bowen Island Conservancy is active throughout the year on various projects around our beautiful island. We usually send an update on what we’ve been doing to all Conservancy members at this time of year. Since we are now on Facebook, we’d like to let you all know what we’ve been up to.

Scuba Features halifax-mermaids-01-11-16
Halifax Mermaids

Halifax Mermaids is a division of parent company Canadian Mermaids. The Halifax Mermaids provide educational entertainment for people of all ages, using mermaids with high quality realistic tails. The Halifax Mermaids believe in the power of imagination as a learning and healthy development tool. Our goal is to provide clients with a lasting experience that helps them nurture their inner child while also learning about the world around them.

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