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Introducing Mako: Diver Delivery System

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A new evolution in diver transportation.

The MAKO DDS marks a new evolution in diver transportation by combining a propulsion device with the Shark Marine Navigator, Diver Held Navigation and Sonar Imaging System.

Sea to Sky

The combination provides a system that is capable of automated flight paths, from a simple “Goto Target” to complex survey routes, while providing the diver with full navigation and forward looking sonar to locate and view targets up to 250 metres (810 ft) away.

The MAKO DDS comes in 3 configurations with 4, 6, or 8 thrusters.

Power is provided by neutral buoyant power cells that can be easily changed, even underwater.  The system can operate with 2, 4, or 6 batteries as standard allowing for up to 10 kilometer operation.

The MAKO DDS has the ability to carry 1 or 2 divers and to tow additional divers or other payloads behind.

The MAKO DDS can be flown manually or controlled using the Shark Marine Navigator, sonar imaging and navigation system for Intelligent Operation. The Navigator’s DiveLog software provides an easy interface for:

  • Goto Target – for re-location of targets
  • Survey Routes – for precise search grids
  • Waypoint Routes – for long distance underwater navigation
  • Auto Depth – to maintain the diver’s position in the water column
  • Auto Altitude – to maintain a given distance off bottom
  • Auto Heading – to maintain a desired course
  • Station Keeping – to remain in one location
  • Hover Mode – to hover in one position

The MAKO DDS can also be programmed to operate autonomously without a diver.

Forward Looking Multibeam Sonar provides the diver with a visual image of the area ahead to locate targets and for obstacle identification.  Precise navigation is provided by a Doppler Navigation System (DNS), Long Base Line (LBL) or a floating GPS receiver.

Standard DPV’s require the diver to constantly maneuver the unit for both heading and depth while using a depth gauge and compass for dead reckoning.  Other sleds with rear thrusters and dive planes provide the ability to steer when moving, but when stopped provide no control at all and it becomes a dead weight.  The MAKO DDS provides complete control whether moving or stationary.

The Navigator is quickly detached from the MAKO DDS allowing the diver to use it by hand once at the desired location.

Learn more at: http://www.sharkmarine.com/Products/DiverDelivery/Mako.html

Video courtesy of Jim Honey: Sales Manager of Shark Marine Technologies, Inc. (St Catherines, Ontario)



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