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Diving Pioneers and Innovators

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If you’re interested in the history of diving, this is a great book full of information right from the mouth of those who are pioneers and innovators of the recreational and commercial diving world.

This book, written by Brett Gillian and others, manages to combine humor, adventure, tragedy, triumph, heroism, and even some forays into the risqué…while chronicling the careers of 20 enduring personalities that helped make diving what it is today. Some of those interviewed are retired now, one (author Peter Benchley of Jaws fame) recently passed away, and many are still making history through their ongoing work.

Sea to Sky


Brett Gilliam

Featuring interviews with: Bob Ballard, Peter Benchley, Dick Bonin, Ernie Brooks, John Chatterton, Mike deGruy, Al Giddings, Bret Gilliam, Howard and Michele Hall, Bob Hollis, Paul Humann, Greg MacGillivray, Bev Morgan, Chuck Nicklin, Ron and Val Taylor, Zale Parry, Wes Skiles and Stan Waterman.

This full color book is lavishly illustrated with great photographs that capture each interviewee throughout their diving careers. It s a very personal journey and the reader will feel like they pulled up a chair and shared a cup of coffee around a table with each person.

Liquid Diving

Learn more at: http://www.bretgilliam.com/



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Dive Curacao

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