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Earthstorm Documentary from Netflix – Watch The Trailer

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Netflix has premiered its new documentary series Earthstorm, a series of stories that examine first hand experiences of people navigating the realities of hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanos, and earthquakes. Our partners from the SUSTAIN Laboratory (Waterlust) are featured in the Hurricane segment, along with many other scientists across various disciplines. It’s a documentary show with 4 episodes over 1 season

WaterlustWear Your Values

Waterlust was founded in 2011 with little planning by PhD student, Patrick Rynne. He witnessed a lot of fascinating research being conducted by bright and passionate researchers. But he wasn’t seeing that hard work and positive energy reaching a large audience in novel and impactful ways. So that’s what Patrick set out to accomplish. His early work focused on creating and disseminating digital media, but quickly realized that even the most stunning photograph or well-crafted film was too fleeting to leave an impression. We needed to wrap environmental knowledge and scientific wisdom into something that would touch people’s lives repeatedly, and clothing was the answer.


Earthstorm @ Netflix


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